Landscape with skiproads - Pieter De Buysser

Datum: 27/06/14 20:00 - Voorstelling

On stage, a collection of objects that have played a unique role in our history. Without exception, objects that were present at key moments in history. They were there when we became who we are today. And when we cast the spell of our imagination on ourselves, when once more a stretch of our path was laid down for us, they were present in silence.
The occasion for this collection was a meeting with a remarkable little boy. He took me in tow and that is how I started collaborating with historians and museums and how this collection of objects ultimately came about. Objects like this little heap of sand from what, according to historians, was Plato’s original cave, or Adam Smith’s glove, or Boris Yeltsin’s last empty bottles, Pavlov’s bell, Walt Disney’s favourite carving knife…

Source : House on fire